About the Author

JT Stilson was born in a little town in the Midwest and grew up in a happy family.  Going to church was a regular activity and everyone joined in to sing, pray and study.  JT graduated the local schools, went on to college and married a minister.  They moved to the Shenandoah Valley where he served as pastor of two small churches, one in the valley and the other in a neighboring valley.  There were lots of activities with children and youth during those years, studying at church, hiking in the mountains, visiting caverns, traveling to other states to meet their youth in camps.


The Stilsons had two babies in Virginia and relocated to the Midwest to teach in a small Bible college.  Another child was born here and the years passed by quickly as the children grew and graduated from the same school system that had educated JT.

JT Stilson wrote her first unpublished novel while she was still in elementary school.  It taught her that she loved to write and someday she hoped to publish a novel.  In the meantime, however, she became a librarian and polished her skills in research and nonfiction writing.  She published two books:  Art and Beauty in the Heartland, available at Amazon; Biographical Encyclopedia: Chronicling the History of the Church of God, also on Amazon.

While waiting for the “Biopedia” to be published, she began writing a novel.  Seventeen titles later, The Long Home was sent to WestBow for consideration.  The book is expected to debut the Fall of 2014.  Now and Then is the first of three anticipated books in The Long Home series.  The story evolved as a possible scenario for the way things could be in the future in a perfect society where man still had free will to accept the good or chose the evil one.

There are many surprising twists and turns in this story, which embeds the lives and events of three young men into the chronology of the future, with flashbacks into the old age.  A mystery is solved and justice is sought.  Can peace between old friends resume in the new age when one of them has murdered the others in the past age?  It is for the reader to discover.

Only JT Stilson knows the answers and she’s not talking.  Read it to the very end and write her here to comment on your likes or dislikes.  She assumes not everyone will like it.  In fact, she hopes so.  The book(s) can be classed as experimental millennial science fiction.  How’s that for a mouthful?


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I Came across your book and was shocked to find another Adam Hesed. Why did you choose to name your character that? Just curious. It’s a good name. Adam Hesed

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    • Well, Adam, how nice to meet you online. It seems fitting. I sat down began to write and Adam, Nim and Rocky lept out onto my screen. I chose the name Hesed because it means mercy. I wanted my character to have that virtue. Believe me, I did not choose it because I had ever seen the name in print. No one in my book is a shadow of anyone I know. I can say that with all honesty. Having said that, Adam is my favorite character. 🙂 Thanks for writing.


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