What happened in Orlando





After this weekend, Orlando might not be remembered only for Disney World.  The recent massacre in the Pulse club rivals the massacre of Custer’s men at Little Big Horn in gruesomeness, if not in numbers.  Has America lost all sensibility or reverence for life?  Are we so twisted in our thinking that men and women of different persuasion than ours must be rubbed out?

Those who try to right society by taking matters into their own hands side-step the law and deny justice to the deserving.  The 49 individuals who died suddenly and violently in that club did not deserve to die; did not deserve to die in that manner.  The butcher who shot them tried to right what he perceived to be a wrong, but it was not his right to do so.  He usurped privilege of justice and turned it into an awful blunder.  His end was justly deserved, delivered at the hand of the law.

The matter of trying to right society’s wrongs generally cannot be done by one individual.  That’s why I’m a bit concerned by Trump’s braggadocio. But if God is with him and I hope He is, Trump cannot fail. Society’s wrongs can be modified by the pen.  Yep.  This little piece is doing its part to rein in wickedness, and the pen is often more successful than the sword. Therefore, society’s wrongs cannot be corrected by war or conquest either.  Such action just prolongs the problems of the beaten-down people.  They will try to rise up and right the wrong done to them. And on it goes.

The holy bible of the Christians says, The wheat will grow up with the tares,” meaning, ‘get out of the fields and stop pulling up weeds because you’ll pull up the wheat also.’ In other words, mortal men cannot rid society of wicked men without harming good men.  Folks, it will all be settled some day by beings greater than we are.  God himself will orchestrate a final judgment at the end of the next age, after Christ has ruled Earth’s people in justice and peace for 1000 years.  Read Revelation.

Or, to read this in story form, read The Long Home Now and Then, and book two, The Long Home Consuming Fire.  Book three is nearly finished.  Can I get an Amen?  Go to Amazon.com and search the title or J.T. Stilson.  Order one for each member of your family, your community library, and your paper boy.

Pray for Orlando; for the families who lost sons and for the injured.  Pray for America; for the upcoming election.  If you can remember to do that, you’ve done a good thing. Prayer can change society more than the sword or the pen.

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