Reader’s Review to Author


Here is an exchange between Author J.T. Stilson and an enthusiastic reader.  I hope all my readers love this book series as much as he did!!`

Reader: “I’m in the early page of your second book; I just finished chap five “Lanciel, the Librarian. I was utterly fascinated with your depiction of “Rule”,  taking a chariot ride and what was communicated to Lanciel. What a marvelous imagination you have!! Love to talk to you about it next time we meet.”

Apr 16th, 1:19pm

Author: “You must have ordered ebook! I am still waiting for my first order of print copy. I was going to send you one!!You know I couldn’t resist writing about a librarian somewhere! I really had angst about writing about Rule/God, but since I felt he gave me much of this story, I went ahead,. It makes us think.

April 18th, 12:40pm

Reader: “Chapter 7, “Teufel Speaks” was great! What a clever idea to set back and listen to Satan and get his view of the past and present as well as his prospective of the future including his personal belief of future victory.”

Apr 18th, 2:48pm

Author: “We know he can’t be successful, but in the book I let him think he could be!! He was lying to himself”

Apr 19th, 7:06am

Reader: Jan, it’s Tue. 4/19. I’m in a coffee shop reading and suddenly had to chuckle. I’m reading chap. 10, Newton & the Cave, when I suddenly read that one of the carved scenes on the cave doors was: “Black Hawk’s Statue”. Way to go. Keep the memories alive!!!🤗

Apr 19th, 9:12am

Author: I have snuck other things in there also!! or maybe it’s in book 3!! Can’t keep them straight half the time.  Renrut for example.

Thu 11:15a

Reader: “Wow! What an incredible chapter – “Death in the Kingdom”! You personified death, explained death, and even taught the truth of what happens at death. Bravo 👏
I’m at the part where the Prince owned a four-seater prop plane and is taking flying lessons.” What an inventive imagination!,”

Thu 3:19pm

Author: “I enjoy hearing your reactions!!
Sat 10:00am
Reader: “I just started to read chapter 30. As I began, I hadn’t known how much I was “into” the story. 30 starts out “The day dawned sweet and sunny” and I suddenly realized that I was mentally tense and hyped as I read Spiranet; and now I feel calm and serene. [What a story!]”
Author: “lol. I hope every reader enjoys it as much as you do. Most of them don’t report to me so I don’t know, but I DO appreciate your verbal awareness and interaction with the story. It’s encouraging.”

Reader: 8:41am “Finished book 2 yesterday. Very thought provoking way of describing the millennium, particularly the end. I never considered the extra class of immortals — immortals that could be injured. Your depiction of Prince experiencing doubt and concern about his role in the eternal age — some might not like; but must remember this is fiction. Sat back and laughed when I read the reference to Lorado Taft right up there with the great painters and sculptors of yester-year.”


Author: “lol. Lorado Taft was a great sculptor from yesteryear. I was conflicted about posing Kristos as being uncertain about the future. For the sake of the story I went with it.  But, as you say, it is fiction! Glad to have your comments. I am going to take them all and put them in a blog today or tomorrow!”
Reader: “That’s great–I enjoyed both of them!”
Question for Blog Readers:  Does anyone beside Jean Rencontre know what Renrut is?
The Long Home Now and Then  (book 1)
The Long Home Consuming Fire  (book2)
The Long Home Outside the Gate  (book 3)  unpublished yet.

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