Easter: The Symbol of the Long Home

Spring is a symbol of Easter, life from death.

Spring is a symbol of Easter, life from death.

The world of the long home is somewhat different from the Earth that we know today.  This book is fiction of course, but in my mind I invented an Earth where the moon is lost, the sun is whimsical, and the laws of nature seem to be different from the former life humans enjoyed.

Part of the story is the struggle to learn the new laws, policies and practices of the ruling government, one with world-wide control.  Added to that is the primordial nature of the day-to-day routine of kingdom citizens.  The major chore of the time is to get through a day with enough food, clothing and shelter.  The hope for their future lies in the education of their children toward kingdom values.

This new earth fictional realm also advances a new form of religious practice.  There is no Easter in this realm.  The Savior figure is already ruling.  There is, however, forward-looking theology to bolster human spirit.  The reason for  the season is the one directing society! The reason for hope is eternity!

So what is the purpose of Easter in our age?  It’s more than bunnies and spring flowers, although they are symbols of new birth! The purpose of Easter is to turn our eyes toward the future; To think about a perfect realm, Utopian if you wish to call it that, where men live in peace with each other and with their government; and to practice skills and hobbies for eternity!

So enjoy Easter.  Think about its meaning.  Go to the holy scriptures and read about it.  Go to your center of religious worship. Dwell on your position in present-day society, and your hope for the future.  Happy Easter to you and your families!

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