Book Two

photo by dreamtime.

photo by dreamtime.

Book Two has been on my mind most of last year. I have entitled it The Long Hone: The Consuming Fire!!  It continues the story of Adam, Nim, and Rocky during troubled times in the realm. Discontent citizens who have become indifferent or even hostile to the peaceful government have begun in earnest to plot insurrection. The simple folks of the realm, the faithful, obedient ones, had not planned for a strong defense. It was inconceivable that a warlike struggle should overtake their peaceful domain. Unbelievable.

The Prince and his Consuls around the world are aware of unsettling disturbances creeping into the common life of the citizens. People are worried. Prince Kristos knows it’s only going to get worse. He begins to assemble an infrastructure to support an unwanted war around the world.  His method of doing this is ingenious.

But if I told you how, you wouldn’t want to read the book.  Book Two is forthcoming in 2016.  Published by WordEdge, we anticipate a beautiful book that will be received with wide acclaim.  WordEdge published the Biographical Encyclopedia:Chronicling the History of the Church of God which some of my readers are acquainted with, and have read.

It was my dream throughout life to write books.  I never had time while I was raising my family and pursuing a college education.  Then, before I graduated I began working full time, just after I’d had my third baby! And, we were building our new home at the time.  How did I juggle all that?  Only with the grace of God, I think, and the help of my hubby and older children.

My first job at Lorado Taft Field Campus in 1977 resulted in a book, Art and Beauty in the Heartland.  Still I didn’t publish it until after I retired from the Register Star in 2005.  I finally had time to set up the manuscript.  Then five years later, my second book, the BioPedia as one friend calls it, resulted from my years of researching and organizing the Church of God Archival collection.  Two works of nonfiction were based on something I had studied that no one else had written about, a good formula for getting a book published.  When an author can achieve that, it fills a gap in the literature, always a good thing.

But my dream had been to write a novel.  So it was that I, who had no imagination, began with fear and a great deal of trepidation to write a work of fiction.  Much to my delight once Adam, Nim and Rocky jumped into my laptop, the story developed as I typed.  Then a hundred rewrites later, it was ready for publishing. (Thank you Mrs. Kloster for teaching me about rewrites and revisions.) Now Book Two is at the publisher.  I don’t have much fear this time, only hope.   And BTW, I’m half way through Book Three.  What do you think that is about?  Wait and see.  🙂

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