Christmas is Coming!


Great Grandma Ida Mae with gt granddaughter Addy, for who The Long Home Now and Then is waiting.

Great Grandma Ida Mae with Gt Granddaughter Addy, for whom The Long Home Now and Then was written

This is a rare year. It’s not even Thanksgiving and I have already put up Ida Mae’s Christmas lights, They are beautiful now with a foot of snow covering them. The lights twinkle through the snow. Very pretty. i have nearly finished my shopping already also. I am giving copies of my book The Long Home Now and Then to some people. I hope you will consider ordering copies for all the teenagers either from or another site such as or This book will appeal to boys and girls, men and women,  It’s a family story. This book has a positive message,  is funny, mysterious and adventurous. The setting is Earth! The time is Future!!

In case you are uncertain about spending on a book, here is another positive review from a friend and pastor.

I thoroughly enjoyed your book, Long Home: Now and Then. Once I got into it I was spell bound. I was intrigued with how you described the 1000 year reign. As I read, I got into it so much that I felt I was there. The depiction of the immortals gave me a real sense of peace as I read. I literally couldn’t put it down. Thanks for you hard work.”

Folks, I’m not kidding. I haven’t paid these readers for these wonderful reviews. As the author, I am so happy to hear readers have been captured by the story.

Please share this post with your friends, and like my page for The Long Home Now and Then on Facebook. Thanks folks.

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