Plumbing Problems

There is a passage in The Long Home: Now and Then that describes the plumbing system of the village.  Since society had to be rebuilt after the great conflagration which cleansed earth, citizens had to start at the beginning to redevelop and reinvent society.  That included plumbing for cooking and sanitation.  In Protection, the setting of the story, engineers rigged a running water system through pipes and chutes to provide water to the dining halls and home domes for cooking and bath.

It was an ingenuous system that citizens loved..  It ran underground to wherever it was needed, including the playground at the edge of the village.  A water park invited wading, splashing, and swimming to children and adults.  Everyone loved it, and it that weren’t enough, older youth and adults could also play on the adventure course set up in the trees overhead.

Last Sunday in our home (which in the book would be in the past age, the “Then” of the title) our plumbing system failed in the main bathroom.  Monday the plumber came and pulled out the sink and vanity leaving a gaping hole in the wall and on the floor.  It began a week of frenetic pricing, searching, deciding on the best provider to furnish the materials we needed at a price we could justify. We felt the Lord leading as we found the perfect combination of factors and made a deal.  A man came Friday and measured and they are coming back Monday to lay the new floor in the bathroom AND KITCHEN!!  Yeah, Lord, thy will be done, but what are you telling us?

We’ve had to remove all mopboard, quarterround, doors, threshold, metal on basement landing, and all the old flooring!  We have to pull the toilet and in the kitchen, the Sub Zero, the mightiest of all refrigerators!  Now I regret we bought it.  Not really.  I love it.  I love it so much that when husband groused about the price (sale price I might add), a few years back, I promised him he could use it as a vault to bury me in.  I’m rambling.

So today with skads of help from Mike, Jessi, and me, husband accomplished the impossible.  He’s patching the plywood in the bathroom this afternoon to receive the new flooring and then, new vanity.  Before the plumber re-installs it, we must repair the wall.  So we are using bead board with chair rail and molded mopboard.  it should have a different loo

My wonderful husband at the mid point of the project.

My wonderful husband at the mid point of the project.

The vanity will go here


Here’s how it looks today.  More as we make more progress.  Please pray for us.  Being oldsters our stamina fails us frequently.  Do you think in our long home in the age to come that we will have plumbing problems?

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