Will the new year be happy?


The Apostle Paul said he learned to be content in whatever his state.  He’d had plenty; and he’d had scant.  He placed his trust in the Lord.  Many people nowadays look to the state to supply their contentment.  I don’t mean those who depend upon the economic resources of the government, such as the very poor, disabled, or senior citizens.  I mean that even those who work depend on the upbeat nature of a vibrant economy to assure their future needs.

Most employed folks have pensions, 401Ks, or some savings program made possible through their employment.  Those who aren’t employed often have independent means of supporting themselves, and find contentment in that activity.  Taking in sewing or picking up cans and bottles for recycling brings in enough money to buy a few groceries. Some dig ginseng; others moonshine. (I don’t recommend the latter).

What is it that defines happiness?  Is it success?  Salary?  Home?  Family?  Auto? Boat?  Things?  Is happiness something that makes you laugh?  Laughing, I think, is a symptom of happiness.  If you are happy, you will laugh more.  Does laughing in itself make you happy?  Is happiness a state of mind as a garment we put on in the morning and button around us to cover a problem?  What underlies happiness?

Should Christians be happy?  If Christians are to be happy, why does the Bible speak of being troubled?  Who fails when a Christian is troubled, God or the person?  What is the best way to remove the trouble and return to happiness and abundant joy?


I believe in it and practice it.  I encourage you to seek a path to prayer.  Don’t forget to pray for Jerusalem and for your neighbor, and for yourself.  I think happiness will find you.  I pray for you in 2015.  Have a happy year with peace and contentment, and I will pray for the same.  In the event that it is not a happy year, keep on praying.


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